Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Presentation of AC's Programs for Children

American Corner Belgrade had great opportunity to present its program for children at ELF conference (English Language Fellow). It was held from January 22-24 at Pecs, Hungary with more than 20 participants from the region.
Jaime Weiler (ELF and professor at University of Belgrade) and Ana Torma (American Corner librarian) presented "Fun Time for Kids", very successful program for children which was created and carried out from August, 2008. It started with only 2 and now more than 25 kids show up each Monday, when the program is held.

The idea of it is learning new vocabulary, customs etc. through reading stories, participating in conversation, crafting and other activities. Beside learning English language, significant moment is having the program in library, making children accustomed to that kind of environment. That would, hopefully, later lead to using library's resources and other services, i.e. as part of their education. It is the reason why presentation of the program is useful to both English language teachers and librarians.
For dates of "Fun Time for Kids" and American Corner Belgrade schedule, in general, check out web site: http://www.americancorners-sam.net/.

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