Thursday, February 19, 2009

:: Business Communication and Skills :: New Program at AC

No matter whether you are a business professional or a student, Business Communication and Skills workshop will help you acquire the language tools which are indispensible for improving international performance where skills such as presentation, negotiating or listening as well as multicultural effectiveness are synonymous with professionalism, team spirit and success.

The first workshop, taking place on February 27 at 5PM, will be devoted to the introduction to business skills and discussion on what skills are necessary for operating in ever more globalised business environment. It will, then, be followed by the covering of one of the most important skills- a delivery of presentation, which will be presented through task-based activities aimed at improving vocabulary and grammar structures of this area, through group work and through active involvement of participants culminating in their actual mini-presentations! Worksheets will be provided in class!

Coordinator: Marija Ivanovic

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