Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Promotion of book "Teen Spaces: The-Step-By-Step Library Makeover" by Kimberly Bolan Taney

At this moment, none of the libraries in Serbia has a special youth department within its structure. By translating and promoting this book, the goal is to get public's and libraries' attention in order to make effort for young readers' needs and interests.

You can also check out part of this book at Google Books.

The Book "Teen Spaces: The-Step-By-Step Library Makeover" was published by Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade and translated by Ksenija Vulović. Publishing Serbian translation of this book was supported by Book Translation Program by U.S. Embassy in Belgrade.

PhD Žarko Trebješanin
Mirko Marković
PhD Aleksandra Vraneš
PhD Ljiljana Marković

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Democracy is...

People around the world were asked to create short videos completing the phrase, "Democracy is..." Over 900 contestants from 95 countries answered the call! Now it's your turn to choose the winners.

You have until June 15 to cast your votes. Six video producers - one from each region of the world - will win an all-expense-paid trip in September to New York, Washington and Hollywood. Their future is in your hands.

Go to the Democracy Video Challenge YouTube site at, click the voting tab and view the 18 finalists. Give a thumbs up to the videos you think best capture the meaning of democracy.

The Finalists from Europe


* Democracy is when all of God's children sing together (Germany)
* democracy is... animation by lucas szozda (Poland)
* democracy is to choose (Serbia)


1. Ke Ke – shown at the Pangea Day festival in USA
2. Seven Brothers – shown at the First International Youth Media Summit in Los Angeles, and at the Third International Youth Media Summit in Belgrade
3. Samsara – selected as the finalist in The One Minutes Junior festival in Amsterdam
4. Mona Lisa – shown at the Tampere film festival in Finland
5. Coming Of Age Rituals – shown at the Pangea Day festival in USA
6. Hedonism – shown at the Cinemacafe Youth Film festival in Szegedin
7. The Ring Of Nibelung – shown at the Cinemacafe Youth Film festival in Szegedin
8. Democracy Is To Choose – participated in the world competition Democracy Is
9. The opening animation of the Swedish film Death In A Lawless Town

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